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Virtual Receptionist Services for Accounting Firms.


Let us focus on the calls.

If you have meetings to attend and balance sheets to review, picking up every call and answering every email can make your life hectic. The problem is, if you don’t, you will lose clients and find it harder to keep new ones.

Our virtual receptionist service is here to represent your firm and ensure you stay competitive and successful.


Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services for Accounting Firms.

Save Time & Boost Productivity

Phone answering services can help your firm stop being constantly interrupted by the phone, and allow you to focus on the work required to build your business.

Boost Client Satisfaction and Business Reputation

The friendly and professional Receptionality team can deliver an exceptional service to your new and existing clients.

Capture Every opportunity

If you’re not answering the phone, most people will call up the next firm on their list. Don’t let poor customer service cost you money in the competitive accounting industry.

Always be there for your clients

Always pick up the phone and always be there for your clients. You also have the option of going 24/7.

Save Money

Instead of paying for a full time receptionist, you can use our accounting virtual receptionist service at a fraction of the cost.


We're here to help your business.

Call Answering

Providing your customers with a great experience is proven to increase revenue, retention and customer satisfaction.

Outbound Calls

Receptionality can manage your outbound calls and give you your time back.

Call Transfer

We can forward your calls to the appropriate member of your team.

Taking Messages

Don’t miss a thing. Receptionality can take messages and capture all the important information you need from your customers.

Appointment Scheduling

Receptionality can schedule appointments for you on your google calendar or other scheduling software.

Qualifying Leads

Not all customers are the right fit for your business. We can qualify calls with questions and actions set by you.

Call Screening

Let us weed out the time wasters and screen your calls for you.

Event Registration

We can answer questions, process registrations and more when your event attendees phone you.

Process Orders

Create a frictionless ordering process for customers by allowing us to process orders through your system.

Track Orders

We can use your system to help customers track their packages.

Accounts Receivable

We can reach out to your clients and follow up on any current and/or arrears payment due.

Customer Feedback

We can get feedback from your customers to help you improve your business.

Call Overflow

Short staffed or just need overflow calls managed? You can add us to your system so we can answer.

Afterhours Answering

We can help you extend your coverage hours, so you can provide a better customer experience.

Emergency Dispatch

Be there for your customers when they most need it.

Inventory Management

Receptionality can help you manage your inventory and improve customer satisfaction.


We can integrate with your existing phone provider and your favourite software.

Our aim is to make your life simple and stress free. We can integrate with all major phone providers and most software.


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We provide our services to SMBs in the UK.

Our services are customised and tailored for each client, contact us to get your quote today! All of our plans are pre-paid month to month without contracts, and include a pre-set number of minutes with an additional per minute rate for each plan.

We operate 8AM to 8PM. After hour services can be provided upon request.

In order to provide you and your customers the best experiences, we provide a maximum of 5 to 6 dedicated receptionists to your business. We do this so you can get experienced agents who know your business already unlike other virtual receptionist providers who will assign any free agents to your account.

At Receptionality, our receptionists are trained and they follow the greeting, scripts and any other information you provide, to be able to confidently answer for your business.

You will receive an immediate email of the call summary after each call, so you always know what is happening.

Yes. We can train our agents to work with the calendar software you are currently using to schedule appointments for you. If you’re not using a scheduling software, we can recommend one.

Yes, you are in control. You can choose to divert calls to us as little or as often as you like.

Yes, just activate the divert when you want us to take calls.

No. Receptionality offers a month to month agreement so you have flexibility.


We know you might have times where you are less busy, or you are expecting an increase in calls.

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